Crafting and Construction


In Minecraft, players will be dropped into a new enormous world, all types of terrain, from jungles, swamps, mountains to the desert or the snow and frost land. The first survival day in the world of Minecraft is the most difficult. Players will have to build a house himself to be able to survive. To the next days, players go on to work to build the world according to its own characteristics. In order to build the buildings, firstly the players must build the tools to support the creation of a new world.


The equipment used in the game, each equipment will have different durable depending on the material. Equipment and tools made of iron or diamond will have longer durable, the same kind of tools which made of gold or wood will be damaged more quickly. To know the durable of the items exactly, you can press the keys F3 + H while in a warehouse.

Besides, the damaged items can be repaired by combining 2 of them together. Then you will re-create equipmentwhich is less damaged than 2 original items. Remember to use these items in accordance with the standard, it will last longer.


The building construction aspect of Minecraft is really vast that a guide would be pointless. If this is the aspect of the game that you want to obsess, you can find master classes in building on YouTube from experience players far more impressive than me.




How to craft some basic items in Minecraft: The main material of building construction.

  • Wood:

A wood block may create 4 blocks of wood plank, the raw materials to make the wooden planks is wood blocks has been exploited. Wood planks are used as construction materials, and can be processed into other items. Except the timber and wood panel stairs, objects made from other wood can be made from any type of wood, no matter the color.

  • Stick

Two blocks of wood plank can be made out of 4 sticks. The main raw material to produce the stick is wood plank. Wooden sticks are used to make torches, names, signs, stairs, fences, paintings and shank for tools and weapons.

  • Workbench

We have to use 4 blocks of wood plank to make a workbench, the main raw material for manufacturing workbench is wood plank. This type of table helps players using 3×3 chassis fabrication.

  • Chest

To build a chest, you will need 8 blocks wood plank, the main raw material to makethe chest is wood plank. The chest helps player containing blocks and items. It has 27 boxes in total. Putting two large chests together will make a big chest which is double size as the original.

  • Furnaces

To build a furnace, you will need to 8 blocks of pebble.The main raw material to make furnaces is pebbles. Furnace is used for baking and cooking food

  • Torch

To craft four torches, you will need a block of coal and a stick. The main raw materials to produce the torch are coal and stick. We have to make torches for lighting and exploring. It also creates a warm atmosphere for your world and melting the ice and snow.

  • Ladder

You will need seven sticks to craft a ladder. The main raw material for making the stair isstick. When you have a ladder, you can climb up anywhere easily.

  • Fence

To craft 2 fences you have to use up to 6 sticks, there will be 6 crafted fences if you used 6 hell cinder blocks, 4 wood blocks + 2 sticks can craft 3 fences, 2 sticks + 4 block of hell bricks can craft 3 fences. Raw materials for crafting fence can be used are: sticks, wooden blocks, and hell brick. Fence is used as a barrier. Monsters and evenus cannot climb over the fence.

  • Boat

To build a boat, you need to join4 blocks of wooden plank together. The main raw material to craft a boat is wooden plank. The purpose of the boat in Minecraft is moving on in the water.It is more convenient than swimmingby yourself.

  • Wooden slabs

Need 3 wooden planks to produce a wooden slab. The main raw material to produce wooden slab is wood plank. Wood planks are used to create a long ladder.

  • Sign

Sign is made of 6 wooden planks and 1 stick. The main raw materials are wood plank and stick. The sign carries a warning effect, using to inform the others by the warning word written by yourself on the sign.

  • Door: 6 planks, in 2 columns of 3. Different wood creates different types of door.
  • Glass: You can create glass by smelting sand in the furnace. Unlike most other blocks, glass will shatter when broken and cannot be “reclaimed”


  • Bed: 3 wooden planks and 3wools can be used to produce a bed. The bed is used for resting to regain your health bar.