Funny Minecraft 1.7.10 Mods

Wanna have some weirder fun? Try these Funny Minecraft 1.7.10 Mods

As we all know, what makes Minecraft loved by many for so long is that mods can be added to the game. In a virtual world where anyone can train a dog successfully, stab people to death or become a pig, people can visualize their fantasies and encourage others to become their comrades. Find out how weird you want your Minecraft to be with these three awesome mods from many great Minecraft 1.7.10 mods.

1.    Explosive Chicken Mod – because TNTs are too mainstream

TNTs are fine and all, but sometimes a bunch of explosives are just too ordinary. How about turn chickens into terrorists and make them explode and splash? Lure enemies (or friends) into the cuteness of these chicky-goo-goo, and kill them.


These chickens of terror usually spawn in Extreme Hills, Forest, Plains Biomes and Beach. To identify themselves with chicks that die normally, look for blue dots on their beaks. Remember this carefully, because you can cook them in a furnace, lay eggs, and have health of a regular chicken.  But with their creator evil intentions, these monsters with blue-dotted beaks as well as their eggs and children will explode upon contact unless you tame them with gunpowder. Once domesticized, you can order them to stay, and stay docile when you run into it or attack it. Then you can become a terrorist yourself by make your own Explosive Chicken launcher using their eggs as ammo. Savage!

Customize radius explosion and block damage in the configuration file. And get ready to invite friends into your animal farm using this Minecraft 1.7.10 mod, troll them without destroying your own house.

2.    Morphing Mod – turn into your enemy, and attack his family

Okay, I admit it could be tiring to be myself sometimes. It would be nice to look at the world through an ender dragon’s eyes in a bit. If you thought so, too, then Morphing Mod is for you.

The mod lets you turn to any mobs you can find in the world, be it pig, skeleton, chicken, or anything at all, without any restriction!

Combining Morphing Mod 1.8 with any living entities mod, and your dream of becoming a wild animal would come true. It would even change the way you play accordingly too: climb, float, fly, swim, to be immune to fire attacks, to have water allergy, to get sunburnt or, nicely, to be hostile, they are all optional seamlessly. To identify ability in Morphing Mob 1.8, look at the GUI near its name.

After using Morphing Mob 1.8, you have to kill it (or him, depends on what you want to be). After 4 seconds, voila, you are a new you. To turn into another morph, however, you have to turn back to your original self by hitting Delete.

How brutal, you just want to be someone, but you have to kill them. In order to make up for your conscience, turn on Hostile mode. It is turned off by default, but you can turn it on. And then you can walk near other hostile mobs, who are the dear ones of the one you have just killed. If you are now a skeleton, you can now walk up to a zombie totally safely. And now you can kill these zombies with hostility, how nice.


3.    Pandora’s Box Mod 1.8

Curiosity is a sin, said the Lore of the Pandora’s box, but it is in human nature and we can not resist it. A tricky human created one Pandora’s box for Minecraft 1.8 mods, and it has set a whole new light to wonderful randomness.

The Pandora’s Box Mod 1.8 adds, obviously, the Pandora’s box to the game. This box is craftable and spawns in dungeons. Remember not to set your difficulty or your curiosity won’t be satiated. There is an almost endless list of random outcomes generated for the mobs. They range from colorful trees, upheld sticks with flags, whatchacallit to destructive war weapons. Some report finding cookies and cakes.


A story that fully describes Pandora’s Box Mod 1.8 effect has been floating around. “I was bored and decide to create a Pandora’s box. Wandering around, I saw a village and decided to test its capabilities. Ventured to the centers of the town, I said hi to the residence and introduced what I had in hand. Then I open the box. It created an ocean of spurting lava, burning everyone and everything on fire, turning every block into Diorite and Redstone. And it ended with anvils falling from the sky”. Thumbs up!