How to survive in Minecraft


The First Night

The first night in Minecraft is curiously one of the most difficult parts. You will start the game with nothing (though there is a choice to start the game with a small chest of materials and resources, if you want to), and you have to construct a base of operations before night falls when the monster come out to play (mobs). If you don’t have somewhere to hide, they will probably kill you. To get over with this problem, you will need tools. You have 10 minutes of real world time to do all of this.

If you don’t want to watch the video (though I strongly encourage you to) – here’s a rough outline of steps you’ll want to take.

  1. Cut down some trees
  2. Craft trees into wooden planks. Keep at least 6 plain wooden blocks in your inventory for using later
  3. Create a crafting table from four planks, arranged in a block (this craft will use four crafting slots on your character).
  4. Create wooden sticks by crafting 2 planks, one on top of each other in a vertical stick shape.
  5. Create a set of wooden tools, though you could limit yourself to a pickaxe initially.
  6. Seek out a mountainside, and start hollowing it out. You can take your crafting table with you by just destroying it and bring it to you.
  7. Seal up your cave and leave a single block to observe the outside world, so you know when it’s light again. If you want it to be more elegant, you can start to build a wooden door .Right click to put the door to the place you want, then right click to open or close it. Don’t be alert if zombies start attacking on your door at night, they cannot break the wooden door.
    Mobs appear in the darkness. Torches can be crafted by placing one coal on the top of a stick. If you do not have any coal, you can still create charcoal by baking wood on a furnace. A furnace is a necessary item after your first night anyway. The furnace requires fuel at the bottom (you can use wood if you like), and the material or resourcethat you want to “cook” goes on top. To create charcoal, you just only “cook” some wood. The process isn’t especially efficient, but it will work when you are desperate.

Combat and monster (Mobs)

Zombies are the most stupid mobs and relatively easy to fight; just keep hitting them. They are only a problem if 3 or more of them surround you.



Spiders can be shot from a bow from far enough or fought in close combat, but try to get in front of or above them where you cannot be attacked by them







The Enderman is a tall, totally black monster with purple eyes. Enderman can teleport to anywhere and they cannot torch water and lava. They hate being looked at directly. If you meet them during the day, please do not be startled as they aren’t naturally aggressive. If you stare at them, you’re going to die, and they’re almost impossible to kill when you just get to know the game because they can teleport. Just don’t look at them and you will be fine.



Creepers are the most dangerous to you in the early game. They have four legs and do not have hands. They are green creatures which can explode when they see a player in a distance. They can only be fought from a distance with a bow and arrow, or you can trick them fall into the water or lava. Please do not provoke them, especially when you meet them around your base, as their detonating power can lame you. You can obtain gunpowder from killing them however if you manage to kill them without an explosion.



Skeletons are also dangerous in the early game, particularly if you meet 2 or more of them at once. If you don’t have a bow and arrow, you can wait in a corner and lure them to you, fighting them at close range. Each time they hit, you’ll be pushed back a little, so try not to attack them by running from a distance. If you do die in survival mode, it’s not a complete tragedy: your items will be dropped into the floor. Like Diablo 2 game, you can pick them up again after you respawn.