Improvable Skills Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2 (Make Minecraft More Like A RPG)

By | April 2, 2019


Improvable Skills Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2 boost player?s abilities as well as granting useful abilities using a single book of skill and your XP (and more). This is a complete re-write of old PlayerStats and PlayerStats 2 by Zeitheron and xMrVizzy, but using new Hammer Core.

Table of skills: (black ? normal, blue ? needs scroll, red ? not implemented)

  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-31.png
     XP Bank: This is technically not a skill, but none the less, it stores any amounts of XP you want!
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-32.png
     Accelerated Furnace: This skill increases the melting speed.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-33.png
     Mining: This skill increases the speed of the mining pickaxe.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-34.png
     Digging: This skill increases the speed of the digging shovel.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-35.png
     Cutting: This skill increases the speed of the cutting axe.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-36.png
     Attack Speed: This skill increases the strike speed of any tool/weapon.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-37.png
     Leaper: This skill increases the height of the jumping player.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-38.png
     Soft Landing: This skill reduces the damage from the falling player.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-39.png
     Ladder King: This skill increases the speed, while climbing on ladders.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-40.png
     Strong Fist: This skill increases melee damage dealt to any entity.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-41.png
     PvP Protection: This skill decreases PvP-type damage taken.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-42.png
     Treasure Finder: This skill allows players to find precious resources, while mining.
  • Item Repairer: This skill slowly repairs items in both hands and worn armor.
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-43.png
     Obsidian Skin: This skill reduces fire/lava damage taken. Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-44.png
     Luck of The Sea: This skill lures fish to your fishing hook.Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-45.png
     Extra Health: This skill boosts your max health up to +20 HP (10 hearts).Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-46.png
     Fast Growth: This skill randomly applies bone meal to surrounding plants.Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-47.png
     Alchemist: This skill boosts the speed of the brewing stand.Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-48.png
     Dense Skin: This skill makes your skin tougher against enemies (adds extra armor points).Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-49.png
     Treasure of the Sands: This skill allows to find treasures from sand.Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-50.png
     Sharp Arrow: This skill increases ranged damage dealt to any entity. Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-51.png
     Enchanter: This skill decreases the minimal level required to enchant an itemImprovable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-52.png
     Ender Manipulator: This skill reduces damage taken from ender pearlImprovable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
  • Improvable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-53.png
     Experience Harvesting: This skill increases obtainable experience from mining, breeding animals, fishing and killing mobsImprovable-Skills-mod-for-minecraft-88.png
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    Improvable Skills Mod 1.13.2/1.12.2 (Make Minecraft More Like A RPG)