Minecraft Introduction


Minecraft is a sandbox game which the first time went to the game world in 2009 after a few weeks debuted on the console generation.

What make Minecraft so special?  After five years blended with game community, with 15 million licensed players on the PC/Mac alone? It is incredible, Minecraft has taken a place in top ten games that gamers play the most with 5 billion play hours. It is an awesome game for the beginner so if you are late for the party though. This extensive beginner’s guide will introduce to you to the world of Minecraft.

Why Minecraft?

For the players who love the building game such as The Sims or Lego game, Minecraft game cannot be ignored. This is a building game which is storm the game community in a long time. This is a highly innovative and creative game for the gamers because the game does not follow the normal rules that other games do but it still can have extremely special construction works.

What the player can build in this game is totally different from the other’s world.It is true to the game’s name, the game of the magic boxes. With the boxes in the game, players can build many monumental building.


At the first time playing minecraft, players would see little excited with the monotonous graphics of Minecraft, but after playing a few minutes we will start to find the curiousty and have a certain appeal. It stimulates the creation of everyone. Perhaps this is the main factor ensuring the success of the game that other building games cannot be. The game has not appeared for too long but Minecraft has left a very incisive impression on players.

As far as the game publisher announced by the end of 2014, Minecraft has been sold up to 54 million copies, this is the number that any game publishers desire. Therefore, in 2014 Microsoft has paid number up to$ 2.5 billion cash to buy the game back, but so far the profit it brings to Microsoft is not a small number. Have you not seen your favorite gamein Minecraft?It is very easy to announce that Minecraft will become a symbol of gaming community whichis difficult to achieve by any game publishers.

Game Modes

Once the installation was completed. Please select Enter Game Minecraft to start the game, and then there will be a window for you to select game modes, including some choices of game modes:

  • Single player: You’re the only player in the game if you choose this mode.
  • Multiplayer: You will play with many other players

After selecting the single player mode, there will be a World Selection window appears, select Create new worlds to create a new world. You’ll have to choose the game mode:

  • Creative: A sandbox mode for those who only want to use Minecraft as a digital Lego set. In this game mode, players do not have to find the resources to build the construction, it isunlimited given. And the ability to fly around the world freely to build and you will not have to fight any monster or get any harm.
  • Survival: The main game mode, in which various enemies and monster will appear in the dark and attack the players. You have to managedyourself in this world to find resources, foods sources in order to survive. Especially, the death result is your items will be dropped (though you can usually be recovered if you return after respawning).
  • Hardcore: This is the same modeSurvival, but only very difficult for players. The map is erased when the player dies.
  • Adventure: A special mode that was recently added, which places restrictions on tools, such that a spade is needed to dig dirt or a pickaxe needed to mine stone.


In this guide, I will mention only about Survival mode – the original and most popular

Basic Controls

On the PC, you will find out the gameplay of Minecraft looks like almost first person sight game. You have to use the standard set of button WASD to control the movement with the mouse to look around. Cutting down the trees, digging and mining is carried out by holding down the left mouse button. Your character will initiate the activity on whatever block your view in centered on.

When you carry out an action, a small box of resources or materials will drop and float. You can stand near or walking over the box to obtain the materials into your inventory. Attacking is also performed by the left mouse button, though you may find single taps are enough.

Right click on anything to carry out a context sensitive specific action. If you’re taking a bucket on your hand, right click will able to fulfill it with the target you areaiming at such as lava, water or milk. If it’s a hoe, the ground will be prepared. If it’s food, you will consume it (keep right click button down). Bows also are fired by holding down the right mouse button then letting it go to fire an arrow. Sometimes it’s not evident, so if you are not sure, you should try the right mouse button first