Mining, Farming and Rearing animals







What is the purpose of mining? During the minecraft playing process, you often have to fight the all monsters or if you do want to “break the ice” game, you have to beat ender dragon. But what do you use to fight them, to kill the Ender Dragon?  The main equipment is your weapons. And which material will you use to craft the weapons?

You have to find the ore to force the entire best weapon ever. And where do you take the Ore from? You have to go to different mine to fine ores as much as you can. Now, I will show you the places that players often mine and find the most of ores.



I recommend that you should not dig a deep vertical hole when start mining. In an unfortunate case, you will fall down immediately get a noble death with losing all your items. If you are unlucky, you will dig right to the lava lake; there will be an announcement which is extreme shocked “Player … tries to swim in lava”. There are some useful instructions which are necessary for players when mining.

  • We should dig down the ladder for easy moving and mining.
  • Bring a torch to mark the position you are mining for easy mining access later.
  • The tools that needed to bring to mine:
  • You need a Pickaxe by Wood – Stone – Iron – Gold or Diamond are also accepted
  • Bringing a torch and a sword, and do not forget to bring food to avoid hunger during mining process.
  • To extinguish the lava, the water bucket is required

Now, I will show you the places that players often mine and find the most of ores.

1. Cave (very familiar to you) :

Mainly concentrated located in the following 2 biome: plains, sea.

There are caves in the sea. That is quite strange and real. But it is possible for players to find a cave in the heart of sea. To prove this theory, you should try to jump down in one of the nearly beaches. Swimming around some dozen blocks, swimming in the sea ground, dug straight about 10 blocks (and remember that you have to block the hole after digging the first three blocks to prevent spilling water into the hole) .

After a short time digging, I bet you will hear some following voices:

  • Voice of burning lava
  • Voice of water flowing

The shouting of the monster (because the darkness place is where the monster gathering around)

If you hear the voice, you have to keep digging and following the direction of the voice. Congratulation! You have found a cave in the heart of sea.

2. Abandoned Mineshaft

According to experienced players, this place is quite difficult to find, but if you find it, you will have a “gold mine” contained many infected iron + gold there! Not only iron and gold, if you can find the mine car trunk containers (Minecart with Chest) you will able to gain some items like food, coal, enchantment book, the tool of iron available in the chest and also the diamonds. The way and road in Mineshaft are very complex, but you try your best to explore, many precious ores are waiting for you to gain.

3. Ravine

The first time you see this place, you will find out it looks spectacular. But after a small tour, you can explore all things and ores in Ravine..

The ore is concentrated inside the walls of the Ravine; Iron got a big amount on Ravine. Sometimes there are few iron ore aloft (so you should stretch your eyes to find the ore). Some of the Ravine where can also be connected to the road leading to another cave. You should try to discover, maybe along the way then, you will be rewarded by diamonds.

Food Supply and Farming

An interesting point in this game is that you can create and build Farm building according to your personal preference with a lot of animals such as chickens, sheep, pigs, cows, crops and irrigation systems as well. To build the Farm, you are going to need some supporting tools and the new seeds. This is the main material to plant and harvest in Farming.



1. The farm building tools

  • Hoe: This tool is used to digging rice, potatoes, watermelon, pumpkin, carrots … You right-click on the ground or the grass while holding a hoe to plow. Raw materials for crafting a hoe include: wood + wood panels, cobblestones, iron billet, ingot of gold or diamonds.Using a hoe to break the land will not affect the durability of the hoe, but it will take time equivalent to break the blocks with their bare hands. Almost all kinds of hoes have the same working speed. You should not waste your ore to create gold or diamond hoe.
  • Bucket: Bucket could help players get water and lava, or taking milk by right-click on cows or mushroom cows. Raw material for making bucket is iron ingot.
  • Food (Food): Food could help players recover more energy and health or you can give food for wolves, dogs to recover their physical rehabilitation. Food divided into 2 categories:
    • Roughage: Made from plants, animals and of unknown origin.
    • Processed foods: Cook through fire, through the pot and has been seared.

2. Planting seeds

First you have to make rice seeds with your hands, it often appears in the forests or plains. After earning the seeds,  you have to start plant the seeds. You better dig a hole which is not too deep then using the bucket of water and a land which is large enough for building a farm. It is a good idea if you put your farm near lakes or sea, and then use your hoe to plant seeds.

Get your fertilizer (Bone Meal) to help plants grow faster, but perhaps some people wondering how to create fertilizer, do not be worry because here is my guidance: Let’s kill the Skeleton. You will get the bones after killing a Skeleton, and then put the bone in to crafting box to create bone Meal.

3. Harvest Crops

You have to pay attention to not to harvest the green rice or it will damage the process of rice grown there. You will have the right to harvest when it becomes slightly brown. Use your hands or tools to harvest them. There will be three seeds and one rice drop when you harvest.

One more thing that you have to notice is when building a Farm; do not let anyone to jump up your Farm. Your farm will be transformed into normal ground if anyone does. It will become a waste if you are not careful with your own farm. To avoid all of the risky, you should use the fence which is located around to prevent anyone to jump up your farm. Raw materials for crafting wooden fences are hell bricks or woods.

Animal Rearing

In Minecraft, chickens are the most favorite animal for players to capture and rear. Using your seed which gained from destroying long grass or from your wheat farm to lure the chickens back into the fenced area has been built. The way to lure the animal is quite easy. You only have to equip the relevant item in your hand and walk near to them then they will follow you.

However, they often go astray if they are lured in a long way. After cooking the chicken, you will get 4 foods. Chickens also lay eggs.You could go the boring route and cook the eggs into a cake (or pumpkin pie), but it’s a lot more fun to throw the eggs instead – and there’s a 1 in 32 chance that a chick will emerge!

The way to lure the chicken: You should gather a big amount of eggs. This should be quick if you have lured some chickens back and create a flock. Then you dig a pit in your house, at least two blocks deep to prevent animals climbing out. Throw any eggs you got at the walls, and you will able to have a full pit of chickens. In addition, you get to smash eggs, which is absolutely a lot of fun to everyone.



Sheep is the animals which you can lure with wheat. It can be sheared to make wool, which is combined with planks to make a bed.

Cows can be lured with wheat also. It is used to make beef and leather. The leather is dyed to make light armor.


You can lure pigs with carrot.So it’s unlikely you’ll capture any until you’ve found a carrot on a zombie and multiplied it a few times.

Getting animals and rearing them is very difficult, it is not easy like the real time action. You can use gates. But you have to be careful and do not let them following you back out again because they are just silly creatures. They will follow you out even though you do not have any seed in your hand. Instead of concentrating on the gate, which is just a place to block one way from either side of the fence. You can jump in and out of the pen when you need.

All animals can be pushed into reproducing by feeding two of them some of their corresponding food of choice, so you only ever need 2 animals to start rearing them; there is no male or female.