Plant Mega Pack Mod 1.13/1.12.2/1.12/1.11.2

Plant Mega Pack Mod 1.13 (PMP) aims mainly to enhance your worlds in a realistic way without affecting the natural balance of the game. Most plants can be transformed into dyes, and others can be crafted to be useful items such as plant powders, medicinal salves, and alternatives for making vanilla items like arrows.

Plant Mega Pack Mod


  • Plant Field Guide describes all plants
  • World generation is fully configurable
  • Many different types of plants including crops
  • 36 new trees, many produce fruit
  • Over 100 food items
  • Medicinal salves and plant powders
  • Hanging plants and wall brackets to hold them
  • 64 different planters to decorate with
  • 16 varieties of trellis – make vertical gardens
  • All plants in this mod are real

Download Links:

Plant Mega Pack Mod 1.13