Survival Island Ocean Map 1.13.2 for Minecraft

By | April 4, 2019


Survival Island Ocean Map is a survival map created by Robeng and IsakPower100. In this map, you are stranded on an island in an infinitive big ocean. The ocean contains many treasures, and secrets you will have to find. Will you be able to complete all of the challenges below and survive? Download the map from the link below and find out!

  • Please do not play on any other version or it may not work!
  • You should set Render Distance to 12 or upper.
  • 1. Build a house/livable area with one bed per player.
    2. Explore the underground.
    3. Make a wheat farm.
    4. Make a melon farm.
    5. Make a cactus farm.
    6. Make a sugarcane farm.
    7. Make a pumpkin farm.
    8. Build a watchtower.
    9. Build an underwater base.
    10. Build an open fire surrounded by brick.
    11. Hang some nice paintings on your walls.
    12. Find the village.
    13. Map out your island and it?s surrounding with maps.
    14. Equip yourself with diamond armour and tools.
    15. Create yourself a clock and a compass.
    16. Construct some sort of redstone contraption.
    17. Build a smithy containing at least; forge, lava and furnaces.
    18. Find the flying island.
    19. Obtain an elytra in the normal world.
    20. Build a library, with an enchantment table in it.
    21. Find the lonely coral reef.
    22. Catch fish and create an aquarium.
    23. Write at least one book. Maybe about your stranded life.
    24. Find the destroyed nether portal, fix it, and adventure into the nether.
    25. Brew a potion.
    26. Summon a wither and kill it.
    27. Hang a nether star on a wall with an item frame.
    28. Build a hostile mob farm/grinder.
    29. Build a friendly mob farm.
    30. Find the end portal and kill the dragon.
    31. Hang the ender dragons head on a wall.
    32. Concur an end city.
    33. Obtain an elytra in the end.
    34. Build an enderman XP farm in the end.
    35. Visit 10 shipwrecks.
    36. Visit 10 underwater ruins.
    37. Create a slime block trampoline.
    38. Build a cave railroad for transportation.
    39. Build a jukebox and play some music.
    40. Reuse a shipwreck for something. Ex, farm.
    41. Build a water elevator, with soulsand and magma blocks.
    42. Find four turtle eggs and hatch them in water. Don?t let Zombies destroy them.
    43. Turn an underwater ruin into a livable underwater city.
    44. Build a ship.
    45. Build a new island.

    Download link
    Survival Island Ocean Map 1.13.2 for Minecraft