X-Ray Mod with Fly 1.13/1.12.2/1.12

X-Ray Mod 1.13 with Fly is an effective mod that features with x-ray mod to help players look through diamonds, gold, iron and other materials through other blocks easier. Just simply click “X” in game, you already enable this function. If you want to know your coordinates, you can look at the upper left corner of the screen. Also, this mod proves quite useful to you because it also comes with “redstone finder”. To active the “redstone finder”, let’s click “R” and a night vision “L”. Overall, it’s a great mod that certainly brings benefits for players.


How to install:

  1. Download and extract the X-Ray Mod for the version you have chosen to install
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/versions
  3. Copy and paste the folder containg the Minecraft versions which you will be installing the X-Ray Mod on
  4. Rename the folder to XRay Mod
  5. Then open the folder and rename all of the files to XRay Mod
  6. Open the json file with a text editor such as notepad++ (the standard notepad is also fine)
  7. Then find the text saying “id”: “1.6.x” (1.6.x is the version of the copy of Minecraft I’m installing it on)
  8. Replace 1.6.x with XRay Mod. Then save the document
  9. Run your Minecraft launcher and select New Profile
  10. Then name the profile “The X-Ray Mod by craftminer502? without the quotes
  11. Select “release XRay Mod” under “Use version”
  12. Click on Save Profile. Then run Minecraft
  13. Click the X key on your keyboard to check if it is installed correctly. Repeat these steps if it doesn’t

Download Links: